Tips From Your Chiropractor On Aging

Tips From Your Chiropractor On Aging

We can easily get overwhelmed with “professional” advice about how to live longer and healthier lives. Eat this food, take this supplement and stick a specific regimen of exercise and nutrition. While eating a healthy and balanced diet along with regular exercise may help improve your quality of life there is no magic potion for long life. But there are some things that you can do that could help you live longer that may surprise you.

Lose Weight.

Belly fat seems to be a noticeable culprit when it comes to life-shortening conditions. Extra weight is also a factor specifically in diabetes and heart disease. Targeting weight loss for belly fat can be done through regular exercise and eating a lowfat, balanced diet that includes plenty of fiber.

Stay Active.

Regular exercise is a no brainer but staying active in general has been linked to a longer life and fewer chronic illnesses. If you're a regular couch potato, even if you exercise regularly, then you should try to make some changes in your lifestyle that include being active. If you sit at a desk during the day while at work, then try to find opportunities to stand, walk around and do some stretching. Making a few extra trips up the stairs, around the house or around your workplace outside are great opportunities to squeeze in some extra physical activity.

Drink in Moderation.

Research shows that moderate drinkers have fewer heart problems than those who don't drink at all. The recommendation is one drink a day for women and one to two for men. But remember that drinking too much alcohol pads the belly with excess fat, hikes blood pressure and may cause a plethora of other health problems, so drinking in moderation is ideal. If you don't drink, this isn't a good reason to start, there are a variety of other healthy ways to protect your heart.

You'll also want to schedule routine preventative care appointments with your chiropractor. In addition to treating neck pain, back pain and headaches you can avoid many health concerns with regular care. The secret to a longer, healthier life isn't just what you can do, it's the power to know what not to do and the willingness to follow through.