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Watch Your Waist — It May Shorten Your Life!


Everyone wants 6-pack abs, but did you know that having a smaller waist isn’t just attractive…it could add years to your life! Waist circumference significantly reduces lifespan, according to a recent study. So while obesity in general is well known to cause all sorts of health problems, including death, having belly fat in particular is especially problematic.

The study found that men with a waist circumference of 43 inches had a 52% increased risk of death compared with men with smaller waists. Women with just a 35 inch waist had an 80% increase risk of death compared to smaller women.

The study tested 650,000 subjects, aged 20 to 83, for 21 years.

It’s not clear whether waist size in particular was the leading factor in death, or whether it was just one of the symptoms of an overall unhealthy lifestyle, but one thing is clear: a smaller midsection greatly improves your chances for a long health life!