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What is the point of pain?

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By Dr. Robert Vaughn

What is pain anyway? Have you ever wondered why it exists or what it means?  Most of Americans just pop a pill when they have pain and go about their business never wondering why the pain was there.

Why is this?  

To better understand what is going on in your body, I want you to think about your car.  Specifically, the dashboard warning lights. When you car is working correctly, are any of the lights on?  (Nope) Well what are those lights for?  When they are on, they represent that something is WRONG with your car.  So, what do you do about it?  Do you go have the light checked out and add oil or coolant depending on which light is on (WHICH FIXES THE PROBLEM) and the light goes off?  (of course you do) Otherwise, your car would continue to be damaged and eventually break down.

Would it make any sense if you took your car to your mechanic and asked him or her to cut the wire that goes to the light to shut it off? Or to ask them to put some duct tape over it so you don’t see it any more?   Or worse yet, go to a mechanic expecting them to fix the problem and have them just cover the light up with some tape and tell you everything is better because you can no longer see the light?

Get ready to have your socks blown off…pain in your body serves the same purpose as those warning lights on your dashboard. Pain is your body telling you something is very wrong and needs to be fixed!! Taking a pain pill, so you no longer feel pain, and just going on with your day leads to further issues down the road.    This is why we recommend that people find quality health care practitioners that give recommendations based on patient need, not insurance coverage.  (Just because our limited insurance doesn’t cover it doesn’t mean you don’t need it)   Your auto insurance does not cover your oil changes, but you still get them, right?

Keep this in mind the next time you reach for the pain pills or surgery before getting quality, conservative care.