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What your Doctor HAS NOT told you about disease!!!


By Dr. Tom Pham

You are what you eat!!!  Ever heard that?  Well have you heard this one: "The way you look and feel today are the a result of the choices you have made to this point".  After all, when you go to the grocery store, you're buying the NEW YOU!!!  Look, I'm not here to rub it in.  We're all guilty of making unwise decisions, especially what to shop for, how to prepare meals, where to eat out, ETC...  Perhaps you're at the point of giving up because of too many "experts" out there giving you conflicting advice about what or where to eat.  After all, WHO'S RIGHT?????  Should I go low fat, low carb, liver cleanse, detox, the ______ diet (you name the diet), juicing, smoothies, powders and the list goes on and on...


Perhaps I should point something out:  one man's food is another man's poison!!!


I mean, seriously, you don't have time to prepare meals and you don't live in a perfect world!!!  So what's the answer???


The answer is... Education!


Think about this, we have spent the last 50-100 years watching our environment (not just nature) change to a point where people are becoming more and more informed and less wise.  Do you know how to read labels???  Do you know what high fructose corn syrup is???  Do you know what MSG really is??? Do you know what B vitamins really do???  Fish oils or Flaxseed oil???  Which one is better and why???


In the Chiropractic profession, we spend the majority of our time focusing on spinal alignment.  We do so by way of adjusting or manipulating the spine when we find a bone out of place or hardly moving.  But that's only part of it.  The body knows how to run and heal itself efficiently without a doctor or the patient telling it to do so.  However, the environment we live in can greatly affect our health AND OUR ALIGNMENT!!!


When I was studying how to massage the internal organs (yes! the heart and lungs can be massaged!) I witnessed many people suffering from different kinds of pain because one of the organs was not being fed properly, or has become toxic or needs manual manipulation.  I saw one person who after getting his kidneys and lungs massaged, was able to turn his neck!  These are referred to as "subtle proprioceptive mechanisms". These hidden messages DO NOT show up on X-ray, MRI or any conventional gold standard clinical test.  Yet, they can cause just as much damage as a car accident!!!  And they can be slow, painful and hard for your family Doctor to detect!!!


What we REALLY do in Chiropractic is detect disease processes before they become a real problem.  The patient has symptoms but the body leaves clues.  It leaves clues in the muscles and joints.  Why the muscles and joints???  Because, out of the 11 systems in the body, the muscles and bones are the most expendable.  In other words, when the body (particularly the organs) are stressed enough, they dump that excess stress into the muscles and joints.  Think about this, can you live without your arms, legs, most muscles?  Can you live without your kidneys?  Can you live without your heart???  Can you live without your pancreas???


I think you get the point.  ORGANS TAKE PRIORITY OVER MUSCLES!!!  


So, no matter how much you get adjusted or massaged, if your nutrition and lifestyle is not dialed in properly, those attempts to aligning the spine are futile.  In other words, you're throwing money $ away!  Part of our job as doctors of Chiropractic is not merely adjusting your spine but in also educating you.  The first part is unlearning what you have learned about diet and lifestyle.  The second part is customizing a nutrition program consisting of food and vitamins that are right for your genetic requirements.


By practicing these simple steps, our patients experience a level of healing and well being they never thought possible.  The education that I've gone through has always kept me thinking, "I can now help this or that person!"  It's our ambition and passion for our patients to help them maintain wellness so they don't have to spend their life savings chasing symptoms.