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Erin, Age 38

Chiropractic Patient

Traveling, live music, and staying active

is what she loves

Erin, Age 38

Erin is a busy mom and optometrist who enjoys traveling, live music, and staying active.  Long days of picking up her small children and standing and bending while caring for her patients are hard on her spine, so she depends on HealthSource to keep her moving!  Chronic injuries and lower back pain during and after her pregnancies made it difficult for her to work and take care f her babies, and adjustments, manual therapy, and rehab helped manage her pain while correcting faulty movement patterns and strengthening postural muscles.  We’ve also had the pleasure of taking care of her kiddos since birth to help keep them growing healthy and strong. Now, Erin follows her wellness plan to keep up with them as they get bigger, busier, and faster!