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Dr. Adam Conley


Dr. Adam Conley’s road to becoming a Chiropractor was a personal journey that began shortly after graduating high school. Dr. Conley actually didn’t graduate high school knowing that he wanted to be a chiropractor. He began by going to nursing school, almost completing the program before he realized that the nursing profession was not going to be for him.

It wasn’t until after he did some soul searching and reflected back to his childhood experience with Chiropractic Care that he realized that Chiropractic was his destiny. At a very young age, Dr. Conley was diagnosed with Scoliosis. He was able to get treated for his Scoliosis and he continued to be a Chiropractic patient his entire life.

At this point, Dr. Adam Conley went on to attend Cleveland Chiropractic College from 1997-2001. Upon graduating in 2001, Dr. Conley passed all four parts of the National Chiropractic Board and received his license in 2001.

Throughout Dr. Conley’s career he has received advanced training in many different specialty areas including: Rehabilitation; Physical Therapy; Sports Injuries and Sports Rehabilitation; Applied Kinesiology; Reflexology; Nutrition; Trigger Point Therapy; Activator Method; Pettibon Technique; Ancillary Diagnostic Testing Procedures; Detecting Diagnostic Patterns in Patients; Pain and Conditions of the Nervous System; Extremity Adjusting and Motor Vehicle Collision Injuries. In addition, he is certified in advanced Chiropractic principles and procedures.

Dr. Conley and his wife Michelle have been married over ten years. They have three children; JT who is 20 years old, Alexis age 16 and their youngest son, Tyler, is 14.