Functional Exercise

After an injury, the right exercise can get you moving again.

Functional Exercise

You injured your back trying to pick up both the kids and the groceries. Or you tried to make that par 4 into a par 3 and swung your driver a bit too hard. However you’ve hurt yourself, staying off your feet to recuperate has made the affected area stiff and sore. Chronic pain has a way of feeding into itself and keeping you from doing the very thing that will help the pain go away.

When a joint anywhere in the body becomes misaligned (out of its normal position) or restricted, then the entire joint and anything connected to it suffers. Immobility is just one issue that can occur, because inflammation is often the root cause of other health problems.

At HealthSource, we use functional exercise to get your sore joint (and you!) moving again. Using specific and purposeful rehabilitative movements, our chiropractic doctors and rehab specialists will slowly and gently get the misaligned structures back into place so they can start functioning properly. We’ll also help reduce the inflammation, and get you pain relief.

Come to HealthSource and let us show you how our functional exercise program releases stiff joints and gets you moving again.

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