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Why HealthSource of Butte?

HealthSource of Butte is your local source for high quality chiropractic care and scientifically grounded healthcare information for you and your family. If you have unexplained neck pain, joint pain, or back pain, we'll help you find the source of the problem and get you relief. We also offer non-invasive treatment of bulging discs, sciatica, arthritis, and other conditions. We start by developing a treatment plan just for you–combining chiropractic care, Progressive Rehab, and overall wellness care to help you manage pain and get back to feeling like yourself. Our progressive rehab focuses on teaching you how to move, breaking down bad habits that may have contributed to whatever symptoms you are feeling now, and helps you learn excellent mechanics and new good habits to help stabilize your problem areas. We take a simple mechanical and biological approach to health: to be healthy we must move, eat and live in a means congruent with our natural design. When we step outside of the designs of nature, we suffer. It's time to return to health. We are the team to help you live how you are meant to live!

The health of our bodies is the most important asset we have. Our bodies are the only thing we truly own from birth until death, so when we lose our health we become limited in our ability to do just about everything, causing a decline in our quality of life. We want you to be as active and healthy as you want to be without the limitations caused by pain, inflammation, and lack of mobility. Most people meet us wanting to be out of pain as soon as possible. We want to help you achieve that, and to remain out of pain and be even healthier 10 years from now!

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Why HealthSource?

We believe true wellness goes beyond the health of an individual. It encompasses an entire community -- made up of people from different backgrounds with a wide range of skills and occupations, supporting each other to make life better.

To do our part, we use our skills to reduce pain and improve wellness throughout the community.

If you have ideas on how we can help your organization or an important cause, please contact our clinic.